Friday, December 16, 2005

Britney Spears giving birth was historic, however, it was very icht don't think so. Why I'm saying this: horrible paparazzi phtotos, a dead-beat father... whoa. I was trying to remember some word that I thought would be a good band name, and that word was "deadbeat." I was thinking "The Deadbeasts," or "Deadbeats." The interesting thing is that it doesn't need to change the "beat" part in the way the Beatles did. Maybe I could do "The Deadbeets."

Moving on, my 5 most favourite albums of this year (in ascending order):

1) The Fiery Furnaces: E.P. (I really like Rehearsing my Choir too)

2) Broadcast: Tender Buttons

3) Friends of Dean Martinez: Lost Horizon

4) M83: Before the Dawn Heals Us

5) Deerhoof: The Runners Four

Runner up:

1) The Deadbeets: Deadbeet

... the Gang of Four reissue of Entertainment! was pretty important, albeit, expensive, more expensive--usually--than the imported verion. Same shit, different day. The Talking Heads boxed set (Brick) is also noteable, as well as T. Rex: Slider, and No New York.

Full House: Season 2, very choice.

I haven't seen many shows over the past year; of the ones I've seen, Deerhoof (@ Triple Rock)and John Vaderslice (@ 7th Street Entry) were great.

my favorite: any Neckbeard show.


P.S. This year's ins & outs:

IN: AIDS/Bird Flu; Out: Hepatitis B

IN: Ugg/Slut boots; Out: Chucks

IN: Anorexia; Out: Manorexia

IN: Celebrity Babies/Divorces; Out: PPD-based homicides

IN: 0g Trans Fat; Out: Atkins


Blogger KRLX Joke said...

I almost forgot about it but the reissue of No New York was very cool indeed as it was almost impossible to track it down before. Viva Lydia Lunch!
-Andy L.

11:03 AM  
Blogger KRLX Joke said...

I know; I ended up ordering it. You know what? 75% of the reissues I listed were from Rhino... I disgust myself, I really do.
While I'm on the subject, the strangest reissue was Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe, the Deluxe Series edition.

What a shit world.

12:51 PM  

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