Tuesday, December 20, 2005

But really, th' best

I don't much care for Wolf Parade, nor for Britney Spears' famous uterine expulsion. My only opinion on such ordinary lucre is that it deserves no opinion. For the rest of 2005's musical litter, I have many thoughts which I plan to make very public very soon, arrid humor in tow. For now, I will say that the KRLX "best of..." show would be remiss not to include in their programme such bands as the Boredoms, who's masterpiece Seadrum/House of Sun has finally been made available to the continental buyer, and Six Organs of Admittance, who hath given us much in the way of haunting noise and dusky, mindful folk. Don't forget Dinosaur Jr--awesome live, and their reissue of You're Living All Over Me is ballsy, brother, ballsy stuff. Furthermore: the Wilderness, the conspicuous Gang Gang Dance, and the peculiar new Battles release. I hope this tides you 'til more focused days. Au revoire.



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