Friday, December 16, 2005

The Media's The Story

One of the largest stories - or revelations - of 2005 was the media's immasculation in regards to real issues and speaking truth to power. As Sarah noted in her initial e-mail, hurricane Katrina literally and metaphorically blew open previously taboo issues such as race, poverty, and the pervasive social injustice.

Being the largest and costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States as well as the impetus for a significant shift in the way the media has covered issues this year, I believe we would be remiss to not cover the awakening of the American media. As members of the media, it's especially important to remember why the 4th estate was silent on these issues in the first place and recognize what is necessary to prevent this in the future.

- Cameron N.


Blogger Terin said...

I'd like to echo Cameron's thoughts. As members of the media, I think we should be mindful of the kind of obligations we may hold. In addition to being part of said 4th estate, we are in a very unique place to be the better journalists and documentarians in the media landscape. Consider this: Our station is completely student run; we have no corpororate overhead to tell us what to report and what not to. Our station is completely run by students ; we're at the top of our game in asking the tough questions, the bullshit hacking, essence distilling ones. Who better is there to ask authority to justify itself?

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