Friday, December 16, 2005

New music coming out of Carleton

I'd like to say that seeing torn anus (and the asshole ghost) play a few times this term was a pretty awesome part of carleton music 05, i'd say the best. the only way to feel music is if it hurts you, and still hurts! my foot! n..o.., not really, but those shows were a much needed portion of crazy during the term. Um...more please?...please?

tom kracauer


Blogger KRLX Joke said...

It has been found: two other bands by the name Torn Anus... one in Idaho, and one in New Zealand--I think. Consequently, we have changed to either Modern Anus or Modest Anus, or even Asshole Ghost.
In other news, Modern/Modest Anus will be part of a Carleton band line-up at the 400 Bar on Friday, January 13. Apparently, the owner is allowing 18+ to get in. Because of that, we will offer a ride service to bring up whatever fan base we have--if one exists.


12:58 PM  
Blogger KRLX Joke said...

I shall record here, forever and ever, that it is a crime against ears everywhere that that last TA show was not bootlegged.

- nick

11:39 PM  

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