Tuesday, December 20, 2005

two grand and five

one more elvis costello reissue (thank you rhino), gang of four reissue, dinosaur jr. reissues, and kate bush's return. alright. this year saw the return of rhino working their way through the elvis costello catalogue, rereleasing his favorite album at last, king of america. another big moment was Aerial, Kate Bush's first album in 13 years and a double album at that. it's got a lot of the great, crazy shit we've grown to expect from her.

a huge thank you goes to the fiery furnaces, who kept us listening with crazy tales, factual and fictional, about grandma furnace on rehearsing my choir. plus. they started the year with a great, but less coherent effort, EP. if you're looking to get a taste of rehearsing my choir check out seven silver curses. i wish i had the time to put it up here for the sampling. keep your ears open for bitter tea sometime in the beginning of 2006.

the best show i saw this year was definitely coachella. the highlights being gang of four, fiery furnaces, and arcade fire. i liked the futureheads too.

other albums i liked from 2005 include:
super furry animals: love kraft
my morning jacket: z

~Clinton N Peterson


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